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Carmiyah means vineyard of Jehovah.


This ministry began in 1996 in Israel reaching Jews and extremist Muslims with the Gospel of Yeshua.

I share with believers how Jews in the first century read Scripture. I am available to speak in your local congregation in English.


Some topics include:

  • Midrash on Ruth, A romantic story with deep Jewish Midrash on the Jew and Gentile who make up the united bride of the Messiah of Israel,

  • Midrash on John 2, Wedding in Cana,

  • Messiah Son of Joseph,

  • Messiah Son of David,


We only use pastors or counsellors who are accredited by theological colleges with internationally recognised theology diplomas.

We do not use people in any leadership position who's spiritual background is based on televangelist preaching.

We do not follow Kingdom Now theology, dominion theology, a prosperity gospel or any other gospel that was not passed on by the original Hebrew apostles.


Your authentic source on current events in Israel and life in Israel for believers in Yeshua and non-believers from an Israeli who lives and works in Israeli society. Many of the reports on this website were witnessed personally by me.


We are based in Sderot (Sederot) and during Operation Protective Edge, we visited and encouraged and prayed for wounded Israeli soldiers as well as soldiers called to enter Gaza and eliminate terrorist weapons.


I personally found homes for Christian Bulgarian refugees in South Africa who were homeless and without work.

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