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Florida U.S.A.
Speaking tour in Orlando in September.

Brazil June-August

Speaking tour in Rio de Janeiro, Petrópolis and Paracambi.

From June to August R. Pr Yisrael spoke in the following places marked on the map


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Future dates:
Sunday 24 September 2023 - Orlando

Topics include:

  • Testimony of ministry to Jews and Muslims in Israel

  • Eschatology – What Must Happen Before Yeshua the Messiah Returns

  • Midrash on the Book of Esther, a romantic story with deep Jewish Midrash about the Jewish people and Gentiles, who form the united bride of the Messiah of Israel

  • Midrash on John 2, the wedding in Cana of Galilee

  • Jacob's Trouble

  • Messiah Son of Joseph, Messiah Son of David

DFW Texas

R. Pr Yisrael testified and taught in Texas from 22 September to 26 September 2022.

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