Jewish Israelis forced into exile from Israel and lose their families

Have you heard of this?

There are Jews who gave up their lives and homes is the diaspora to come home to Israel and make a new start, only to be forced into permanent exile and start over again in the country they came from.

How can this be? 

Jews face enormous challenges of finding work, language and adjusting to life and culture in Israel. Rent and the cost of living is significantly higher than in most countries Jewish immigrants come from. This can strain marriages to the point of breaking.

Child welfare in many regions is dominated by secular feminists who have a biased agenda and think they are doing women a favour by encouraging them to divorce and claim child maintenance. Under Israeli law child support is higher than in many other countries. The laws are very outdated and were written in a time that few women worked. The Israeli Knesset gives these outdated laws little attention for reform because they meet frequently for emergency security meetings because of foreign enemies.

Many Jewish immigrants don’t have family in Israel beyond their household and when an immigrant who is still learning Hebrew and working a minimal wage job as he is still integrating into Israeli society, is forced to pay high child support for several children, he cannot pay his own rent as well. He has no family to live with and has no option but to flee the State of Israel and return to the country of his birth.

His children will grow up in poverty and go to school hungry without a father figure in the home. Usually their mother puts the blame on the father and the children are enticed into drugs and prostitution because of their dire situation. Research has shown that children alienated from their father are not able to keep a job and succeed in marriage.

Those children will have children who will grow up in poverty and live off welfare and the cycle repeats.

I had the opportunity to listen many times to a lawyer who practiced for more than 35 years in Israel who had South American clients as she grew up in Argentina and could speak Spanish. She told me many such stories. It is very sad to hear what happens to the children and the father living in exile having lost his family. Due to the exile, he cannot get his divorce recognised outside of the State of Israel and cannot remarry and usually commits adultery as a result.

The mother can remarry as she is living in Israel and is not in exile.

Many such fathers cannot afford legal representation and their story is not told.

Please pray for these families.

May 2021 Rocket Attack

On Monday May 10th 2021, terrorists in Gaza began a new rocket attack on the citizens of Israel, firing rockets at many cities including Ashkelon, Be'ersheva, Jerusalem, Sderot and Tel Aviv.

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Yisrael of Carmiyah ministries in Sderot, Israel.

Friends of Israel

Friends of Israel and the Jewish nation include:

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The members of these congregations and their ministers love and support the Jewish nation. Please lift them up in your prayers. God has special blessings for those who bless the apple of his eye.

2021-05-12 apartment on fire -

Apartment in Sderot struck by rocket from Gaza

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