Friends of Israel

Friends of Israel and the Jewish nation include:

  • St Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Benoni South Africa

  • Benoni Central Methodist Church in South Africa

The members of these congregations and their ministers love and support the Jewish nation. Please lift them up in your prayers. God has special blessings for those who bless the apple of his eye.


The eve of Passover 2020 begins at sunset on the 8th of April 2020. In Isaiah 11:12 God promised that He would bring the dispersed of Judah back to their home. Not lost tribes but Jews. The lost tribes were not part of the southern kingdom but the northern kingdom. The word Jew comes from the original Hebrew name of the tribe of Judah as used in Isaiah 11:12.

It is quite symbolic that as a result of a global virus outbreak, the foreign minister of Israel who’s name is Israel and surname Katz means stop or end (HaKitz haKatz - the end of the world) , arranged for special flights to bring Israelis home who want to return home, to the land of Israel. And this when all other flights to and from Israel were cancelled. And more, these planes were landing in the land of Israel 9 days before Passover 2020.

It was on Passover about 3466 years ago that the LORD freed the children of Israel from Egypt with a heavy hand and brought them to the land of Israel. Theologians say that Egypt was symbolic of the pagan world. Many Egyptians died on Passover and ten plagues were brought upon Egypt until then.

More than 85000 people have died until Passover 2020 as a result of infection from COVID-19, the biggest global pandemic of the last 100 years.

At Carmiyah ministries we want to thank our supporters for all their support during the last year and wish our friends and supporters a joyful Passover.

Yisrael of Carmiyah ministries in Ashkelon, Israel.

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