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We need labourers for this harvest.
Luke 10:2 NKJV


Volunteers from different countries are welcome to assist us. The primary requirement is that you be born again and be immersed in water (baptized). Send us an e-mail explaining why you want to volunteer with your photograph.



Please pray that the LORD will soon give life to these dry bones in Israel. This is a spiritual desert in the Ashqelon region. Pray that He will soon pour out His spirit on all Israel as He promised in Joel 2:28 and Zech. 12:10. Israel does not know who takes care of him. So many Jews in Israel have become atheists after centuries of persecution by all nations. We need this outpouring to cleanse from defilement from countless transgressions. Israel cannot save himself. We need the LORD's mercy. Israel needs healing from centuries of reproach.


It is such a shame to see how beautiful women of the apple of God's eye have fallen to prostitution, drugs and other addictions in a society where the religious leaders brainwash them against Yeshua and tell them that Yeshua was the son of a prostitute. That is fact, they wrote this in the Jewish Talmud, the rabbis made this lie a part of Jewish history. This is a spiritual desert and women turn to prostitution because they can't get work and they see the hypocrisy of religion around them and they have no hope. I can't use real names here so I must use aliases, please pray for Gee who has multiple addictions including prostitution, drugs, drinking and smoking. We need women to assist with ministry to prostitutes, please pray for the Lord of the harvest to send qualified women ministers and the finances to support them. This breaks my heart. These are my Jewish sisters. 

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